Recruit apprentice / trainee

Recruit apprentice or trainee

By employing an apprentice or trainee, you will experience the benefit of a skilled worker who understands your business and client needs and is trained for your industry. This will ultimately increase your competitive advantage by generating growth and productivity for your business.

TAFE SA courses are delivered by one of three registered training providers: TAFE SA Adelaide North Institute, TAFE SA Adelaide South Institute or TAFE SA Regional. The TAFE SA network of providers offer integrated on- and off-the-job training in a range of vocations. The courses are designed and developed by industry advisory boards in conjunction with TAFE SA staff, and are taught by experienced people within industry.

Choosing to learn with TAFE SA provides both you and your apprentice or trainee with a strong foundation of practical skills and knowledge. TAFE SA offers a wide range of flexible training options, including online, external, internal or customised, and monitors world trends in practices and technology to ensure that up to date techniques and equipment is available.

The training arrangements are planned, formalised, flexible and supported by industry. The TAFE SA environment is structured around a self-paced learning system and is competency based, which means that the focus is on skills rather than time served.

For more information, see the Australian Apprenticeships website for employers.

How do I employ an apprentice or trainee?

You can choose an apprentice or trainee to suit your organisation according to age, gender or other requirements. You may employ an apprentice or trainee by:
  • advertising in newspapers
  • registering with an Australian Apprenticeships Centre
  • registering with Job network
  • contacting a State Training Authority
  • applying to a group training company.

What are my responsibilities?

You will be responsible for:

  • sick pay
  • holiday pay
  • superannuation
  • Workcover
  • applicable allowances.

Where to next?

The Australian Apprenticeship Centre can provide you with all the information and support you need to establish a contract of training between you, the apprentice or trainee, and your chosen TAFE SA campus. The centre provides a free, no obligation service.

Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services Infoline: 1800 673 097

Australian Apprenticeships Centre Hotline: 13 38 73
Australian Apprenticeships website
Employment and Training Services website