Community Services



Name Deb Medve
Studied Diploma of Counselling
Career Profile Intake and Assessment Case Worker, Hutt St Centre

After 27 years of owning her own hairdressing business, Deb was keen for a career change and started study in counselling at TAFE SA. Halfway through her course, Deb has won a Support Officer position at Hutt St Centre working with homeless and vulnerable adults.

While Deb agrees that, in the past, her hairdressing clients often shared their personal situations, the real motivator behind her career change was her family.

“My husband had an accident at work and we spent several years working towards rehabilitation with support workers and counsellors,” said Deb.

“This experience gave me an overwhelming desire to give back to the community through helping others.”

While Deb was confident of what she wanted to achieve, she was frightened that she wasn’t educated enough to work in this specialised area. After gaining some career advice from TAFE SA Deb decided to enrol in the Diploma of Counselling.

“The Student Support Officer at TAFE SA gave me the encouragement I needed to apply.”

“My lecturers have continuously support me through my learning, giving me the opportunity to improve my computing skills and helping me to access industry seminars for the community services sector.”

Deb says that her studies were an important factor in gaining employment, and she plans to continue her studies in counselling through TAFE SA’s university pathways.

“The more I learn the more I want to know,” said Deb.

“The course has not only helped my career but given me good life skills in listening to others and helping people to come to their own conclusions.”