Community Services



Name Dallas Thiele
Studied Diploma of Counselling
Faculty Counselling
Career Profile Support Worker

I started the Diploma of Counselling with a strong idea of what I wanted to achieve and the job I wanted to do when I finished. I didn't expect to gain so much insight into myself, and notice so many positive changes in my personal relationships.

It has been interesting to look back and see the growth I have made as a person, as a mother and as a professional over the last 2 years. I have loved every moment of the course, even the difficult times where you are given the time and space to explore outside of your comfort zone.

I have been given many opportunities during and after completing the Diploma, including networking, personal development days and guest lecturing a domestic violence education program for other students.

The lecturers and course coordinator are very knowledgeable, and informative, drawing on their own past and current experiences as counsellors. They are all approachable and make the content easy to understand.

I am currently volunteering full time at a local primary school, as well as working on getting my domestic violence education programs completed and approval to run them in local high and primary schools.

I look forward to expanding on what I have learned from this course, through further study, employment and personal development. I have confidence in the skills and abilities I have fostered throughout the diploma and am grateful to all of the lecturers and course coordinator for investing their time and energy into developing such a great program.