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Social Media and digital opportunities for your business

by Anne Tonkin | Jun 12, 2015

Social media, continues to change, evolve and transform struggling businesses into successful lucrative companies.  Digital marketing strategies are also changing through mobile commerce and trends.  Our marketing qualifications embed much of this knowledge into the courses and if you dont want a full qualification we offer this in short courses.  We are proud to watch our students who are taking up this knowledge and testing the social media and digital possibilities for themselves.  It is exciting to share this journey with them as they test their digital marketing skills, watch their platforms come to life and grow, whilst maximising and utilitising the efforts of the search engine web crawlers to help them succeed.

Did you know there are now more mobile devices on this planet than humans?  I wonder if there will be double the mobile devices when we reach 2050 when the predicted population will be 9.1 Billion. Looking at this with my risk management hat on, there are definitely positive and negative risks.  On the negative side, my instinct automatically defaults back to limited resources and on the opportunistic side my business brain is thinking, we are always going to be connected.  We know Google have changed their searching engine optimisation to lower the ranking of those websites, not yet mobile device friendly, so if you are a business owner, please take the time to ensure you are!

I also wonder how many businesses actually test their website for their ranking outcome.  In our classes this week we have been testing Italian restaurants in Adelaide as we monitored the ranking performance of these websites. Why were some Italian restaurants located in Adelaide on page 3 of our search, whilst other Italian restaurants were on page 1?  We problem solved this in class as we monitored and reviewed a range of websites. There will always be an element of mystery about search engine optimisation, however we did our best.  Our focus this week was on content for the customer and content for the search engine web crawlers and the importance of including the key search words and phrases in your websites.  A website needs to be designed with both customers in mind and web crawlers.  Web crawlers can be easily overlooked.  Take the time to research the range of key words your clients use and ensure these are built into your website to help the web crawlers find you and this will then help your customers and your bottomline. 

One thing for sure is that your customers have a greater capacity to find your business on their mobile device and you just have to ensure your website and social media strategies are doing the same.

For more information on digital marketing or social media short courses, please head to or contact us at 08 82078302 (Adelaide - Australia) and we can tailor some training for your business.  Stay on top of your competitors and contact us to learn how.

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