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Tafe SA is providing study options to help create pathways to University

by Anne Tonkin | May 08, 2015

Do you have a son or daughter going through year 12? Are you at the end of your tether? Do you have a child stressing that they won’t get the score they want for uni? Do you have a child who doesn’t know what to do after school? Are you a professional with skills and you want to study or up skill with options of heading to uni?

There is so much pressure on our students doing year 12.   This probably means you feel that pressure too.  Did you know that there are multiple ways of achieving university goals?  Studying is a journey.  Everyone learns differently and it is important to remember that your child has options to help them achieve their goal. Tafe SA is a great option to start off the educational journey.  There are also direct pathways to university.  Having options, solutions and strategies is often the best way to help your children.  Knowing those options can often provide a clearer head for current studies too.

Did you know that Tafe SA is not just for school leavers?  Professionals are often working and wanting to up skill to remain competitive and current in the marketplace.  Especially as our unemployment rates are creeping higher in SA.   Tafe SA has solutions to help you, your child or anyone looking to further their skills.

For example if you complete at Tafe SA;

  • Advanced Diploma of Advertising OR
  • Advanced Diploma of Marketing OR
  • Advanced Dip of Business

You are opening up options already as all these qualifications have direct pathways to Universities in SA.  These options can save you time and money, that you would normally spend in a university degree option.  Sound intriguing?  Help your child understand their options with us and check out our range of amazing qualifications at  If you wanted to talk to one of our lecturers in the above qualifications you can also call them 08 8207 830208 8207 8302.

Tafe SA provides a range of study options to help create solutions.

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