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Its time to update Maslow

by Anne Tonkin | Apr 29, 2015

Is Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is outdated?  The answer is YES.  A theory from 1943 seems to have it core principles still relevant however it does not allow for today’s revolutionised operating environment.  To understand this theory you have to remember that this is a motivational theory.   There is nowhere that technology has been mentioned and this is because there were no PC's, tablets, smart phones or social media when this was developed.  In addition to this the movement of organisations away from traditional software to cloud computing, is increasing the reliability on the internet and our global dependence on it.  School children use the cloud for their assignments accessing resources and today many cannot function without the internet, nor can organisations who use the cloud for their business operations.  Accounting systems, HR systems are all trending towards cloud computing and increasing our ever dependent reliance on the internet.

Our behaviours are changing too. 

Percent of 18-34 year olds who check Facebook when they wake up 48 %
Percent of 18-34 year olds who check Facebook before they get out of bed 28 %

(Statisticbrain 2015) 

So if this market is motivated to check their Facebook before they have even had a drink, this is what is prompting me to say... Maslow as a new Technological level that is a precursor to the traditional first level. If business cannot operate without the internet because of technological advancements, then it would appear the internet would need to be connected before business goals and objectives would be achieved.  They are motivated to be connected before regular activities are even contemplated or completed. Levels of anxiety have also been measured without the internet.  Considerable research has been undertaken in this area.  So the name for the new level... the idea is below however intead of WIFI I would introduce a Technology category to include, WIFI connections, the cloud and a smart device for the business environment today.  If you disagree with this, it is unlikely you will find this as you will need the internet to read my blog and then my point is made.  The need for a technological connection is the new first level of this theory and should be updated. Our basic needs and wants have changed.  If you disagree, turn off your internet for a few days and see how you go.

Good luck!

 (Happylifesupport 2015)

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