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People make the greatest impression

by Anne Tonkin | Apr 22, 2015

Again after an other experience exploring the precious jewels of Australia, I was left bewildered at times with the level of customer service we experienced as we headed north to some warmer tropical weather in the gorgeous Whitsundays. The contrasting levels of customer service in one resort surprised me as well as the emotions and feelings that I experienced from this, were poles apart.  At times I just wanted to hug the staff member because they got it right, then I witnessed the behaviour of their managers in front of the guests and staff, which was nearly cringe worthy.  Most staff on this tropical island in Queensland were incredible. (Yes I did complete many forms just to mention the names of the staff that were doing it right! One staff member told me we only hear the bad stuff!) Feedback is designed to tell the staff how well they are doing! The finely tuned management engine of this resort, at times chugged and it was reflected in the staff.

The sunshine and warmth of the weather was mostly reflected in their customer service, with beautiful smiles and hospitable behaviour, then it seemed there were pockets where the sunshine had faded (like the coral in the reef).  In any industry, customer service is critical to the reputation of the brand and positive social media mentions/reviews from customers/visitors for market growth, to maintain business longevity.  Should customer service be overhauled like an outdated IT system that is not functioning? Should customer service been seen as a huge opportunity to grow and build a brand? Should managers and all staff be trained regularly and should it be a mantra in an organisation? Should your organisation have a customer service charter? YES, YES, YES, YES!  Your staff should be your brand ambassadors and brand advocates. Your people make the greatest impression and impressions last.

Maximising commercial business opportunities, is what customer service should be doing.  It is more than a smile, although sometimes it is just the basics need to be mastered too.  It is about staff developing sustained product knowledge, training regularly - formally and informally, understanding the needs of the customer, group decision making processes in the team, learning about your products and services and it is never about, just saying I dont know and not providing a solution. Organisations and staff need to constantly, LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN in this competitive marketplace.  Customer service is the face of the organisation, but the management in the engine room to support these staff members should be providing knowledge, skills, negotiation strategies, solutions for problems, communication and strategies to support them. The managers need to understand the potential to embrace customer service! Is it on their risk management register as an opportunity? I hope so!

We have a premium customer service course and a short course on understanding your customers to help organisations maximise each one of their staff's potential to make the organisation shine! TafeSA can develop a wide range of courses to train staff in a whole cross section of industries. or call our office in Adelaide: 08 8207 8302 to arrange some customised training for your industry.  We also provide a wide range of business qualifications for online students and face to face.  There are also skilled staff to help you work with your staff that already have acquired knowledge from their job roles to help them work through processes that may help gain them a qualification more quickly.  Take on a customer service course and allow your people to make the greatest impression.

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