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McDonalds repositioning itself in the market

by Anne Tonkin | Mar 13, 2015

It seems that McDonald's is trying to connect with the health conscious individual.  It seems after "the chain released an ad for the Big Mac blasting the words "Will never be kale" (Newscom 2015) it seems they have done a backflip.

Agile marketing means that at times you have to relent, listen and change your products or services with customers changing needs and wants.  Is it fair enough for them to change? Well what is the other option? Lose opportunities to keep your customers happy - well this is probably not an option.  Marketing is all about satisfying the needs and wants of customers.  McDonald's will never position themselves as entirely healthy. They are in fact a fast food chain, offering products to capture a growing market.  They have already successfully entered the coffee, cafe style market and perhaps when organic quinoa is added, with beetroot and feta on a salad, will they successfully position themselves as a serious player in the premium health food market, as well as the fast food market.  They are however a good example that listening to your customers and actually making changes can produce more business opportunities and some positive PR.




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