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What can a 3D printer not do?

by Anne Tonkin | Feb 27, 2015

Yesterday sitting in my car, driving to an industry training session I was utterly stunned to hear that a 3D printer had made a jet engine that was more cost effective and more efficient.  Apparently from a research and development centre in Melbourne.  That was the second amazing fact.  "Amaero Engineering has captured the attention of Airbus, Boeing and defence contractor Raytheon" (Sturmer 2015)  This is an incredibly inspiring article!

Upon further investigation into this most exciting industry, body parts are already being made in the biomedical field, a 3D car has been printed, a horse shoe and who says manufacturing is dead in Australia?  3D printing is the new manufacturing.  This new 3D design and printing revolution is exciting, opportunities are endless and a new industry is being created to give hope and encouragement to next generation.



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