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Are your employees match fit?

by Anne Tonkin | Feb 20, 2015

What is your business game plan?   Have you reviewed it recently? Are your staff aware of your vision and mission statements of your organisation?  Have your employees been in training to be match ready?  Have you done a skills audit recently? When was the last time your organisation conducted a training needs analysis and checked that all the employees were making decisions and solving problems to achieve your strategic plan?  Life can get particularly busy especially as a manager.  Your employees are your greatest asset and they need to be ready and equipped to help your business thrive and survive.

The vision and mission statements or coaching messages, need to be living and breathing in an organisation.  Your employees have to believe in them too.  They have to be the real deal and not just hanging from the wall, while your workplace athletes ready themselves for either an attacking or defensive game plan!  Ditch your staff appraisal system where you meet your staff once a year.  Engage in a performance management system, where communication is 2 way, future goals are discussed, the position is discussed not the person (much less threatening), meet regularly and build trust and loyalty in your employee.  You have to get them ready to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Getting your employees match fit, can be easier with these few simple steps:

1. Engage in a performance management system at work

2. Reinforce the business plan

3. Identify the employees personal and professional goals

4. Identify employee skills

5. Complete a training needs analysis

6. Train your employees to be the best they can and allow them to apply their new learnings to the workplace

Training in skills gaps, or identifying full qualifications is important.  You train your employees to achieve the future goals of your company.

Training gets them match ready.  Game day is everyday.  Are your employees match fit? Are you? Managers may also need up to date knowledge in short courses or have their skills recognised.  Maybe a short course in social media is required? Service industries are competitive and maybe customer service training is required.  What about an Advanced Diploma of Business to ensure that strategic thinking is brought into your company?

For all your training needs visit and if you are interested in talking with a lecturer in Business, Marketing, Advertising or Sales, book an appointment with us.  Adelaide 08 8207 8302. (Remember we work in industry, so we can also come to your workplace!) 



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