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5 Reasons to study at TAFE SA in 2015

by Anne Tonkin | Feb 13, 2015

This year take charge of your goals! Studying can be in many different forms.  It can be to gain a full qualification or to develop a skill set.  Full qualifications will help you gain promotions, employment and recognition of your hard work.  Don't under estimate the power of a short course either, to help build a skill set and give you currency in the job market.  There are hundreds of reasons to study in 2015 here are some reasons why  studying at TAFE SA is important in 2015.

1. Stay competitive in the job market

This is critical as unemployment is on the up and up in Adelaide. You need to stay competitive. What is your competitive advantage in the job market?  How old are your qualifications? Keep your skills current.  TAFE SA offers full qualifications and over 400 short courses.  Some of the short courses we have in our program area include, digital marketing, public relations, social media, marketing essentials and risk management, just to name a few.  Stay ahead of your competition in the job market. A new qualification or a short course may give you your competitive advantage. 

2. Pathways to university

Didn't get a high enough ATAR score to get into university? Missed out? Well maybe you think you have, but really you haven't.  There are a number of courses that you can apply for and have a pathway to university. (That's a relief isn't it?)  For example if you studied an Advanced Diploma of Marketing with us here at TAFE SA in Adelaide, then you could start in our fast track program and complete this in 1 year full time, giving you 1.5 years off a 3 year university degree through our pathways programs. This will ease the pressure on students in year 12 and give them an extra qualification at the end.  That is peace of mind, knowing that this pathway program is for everyone. 

3. Got the skills but not the paper?

Maybe you have been working hard earning a living for years and haven't had the time to commit to study.  Your time at work has been an investment in your career but now you want the papers for more job opportunities, job security or a promotion that is just around the corner.  We have a process at TAFE SA that is called recognition of prior learning.  This is a formal process where we can formalise your relevant skills and these units could be put towards a qualification.  By formalising your current skills you could be speeding through some of the units and that will same you time and money.  Sound like a good idea?  That job promotion maybe just around the corner.

4. Changing career paths?

Are you tired of doing the same thing day after day?  Maybe its time for a new career.  TAFE SA have hundreds of courses to choose from.  It is never too late to create some new study or career goals.  Take charge today.

5. Want practical learning?

TAFE SA provides practical learning to help you achieve your goals.  This will help with life long learning.  


Those are 5 reasons to study at TAFE SA in 2015.  Do you want to study Business, Marketing, Advertising or Sales?  Call us today to talk to us about our pathways to university, changing your career path, formalising your skills and staying competitive in the job market  in a practical learning environment. Call us today 08 8207 8302 and make an appointment with one of our lecturers.

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