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Train what train?

by Anne Tonkin | Sep 08, 2014

Written by Joc Awwad - Sept 2014

Have all your sales team been formally trained in sales?

Has your organisation had workshops to develop or explore particular areas in growing the business?

Quite often many organisations don’t bother to provide formalised training to get the most out of their sales team and regularly have informal meetings to share the key points. Informal meetings are important, however, giving staff the opportunity to take a step back and review what they are doing can have a dramatic effect on their approach to their job. To train staff is a great investment as the knowledge that they gain may assist them with their job particularly at a time when the economy is slowing, confidence is down and customers are holding back making decisions.

There are many workshops available that can give a different perspective or reconfirm your perspective on the focus topic. Areas that should be considered for Sales and Marketing staff include:

TAFE SA offers these workshops or short courses that can assist both the company and the individual within the organisation. These workshops are designed to give a deeper insight to the topic by offering up to date examples, practical activities and workbooks that are a great asset.  These courses can be found on the TAFE SA website in the short course section or go straight to the links to find out more about these courses.

Participants have been impressed with these courses and have commented how the lecturers link the materials back to their own business. The information gained has been invaluable and elements have been applied back to the workplace to improve processes or identify opportunities to increase sales.

The Certificate IV in Business Sales qualification is now offered as part of an intensive program focussing on three workshops (ie customers, selling and marketing) to help those who are in a sales position to formalise their qualifications and ensure the key factors in business sales are covered.

To train is beneficial to both the participant and the organisation – so don’t miss the train to train!

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