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5 Pillars of successful blogging - from speaker Jeff Bullas

by Anne Tonkin | Sep 04, 2014

It was another exciting week last week at Marketing Week and again I was left a fraction disappointed that I didn't make it to absolutely everything.  My Marketing Week 2014 kicked off with Jeff Bullas, a blogging master who was open to sharing personal experiences and challenges as well as techniques and blogging hints.  (Yes I am blogging about a blogger!) The topic was "The Secrets to Content Marketing That Work" which included the following hints;

-blog frequently and often (gosh I need to step it up)

-give away free content (I try)

-identify trends in the market (so many which one do I focus on?)

These were just a few insights before his 5 pillars of successful blogging were shared with the attentive Adelaide audience of marketing professionals;

*Understand your target market

*Set content marketing goals

*Create content that goes viral (Maybe some quirky cats to help me!)

*Earning and owning your content distribution

*Marketing the content

Some basic principles I thought, but how does he make it work so well for him?  This was what I was after!  After attending a social media course a few years ago, I learnt and understood the importance and power of the blog, however it was great again to be reminded of its critical socio-nomic power.  

With my skills being refreshed, my blogging spirit revived, I am going to re-challenge myself to create interesting content and yes I may throw in a few cat photos to help it move along.  Jeff was a candid presenter who shone, sharing his skills, experiences (good and not so good) with his captivated audience. It dawned on me, it was more than the 5 pillars of successful blogging that he had suggested. His presentation style mirrored his blogging style. There was an honesty too that is reflected in his blogging.  People can relate to Jeff.  He is not assuming and aims to develop relationships.  (More pillars are needed to share his tips, however I doubt that he would ever add pillars about himself, which is what makes him unique)   He was fortunate to engage in blogging when it was emerging however only those with incredible skill, understanding, personal engagement, honesty and knowledge have risen to the top.  He had a vision early and that has been critical in his success as well as his ability to make contagious content.  Thanks for the tips and lets hope more people understand and engage in the importance of the blog, but not too many more!

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