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Milk at $8 a litre….

by Bjarne Sorensen | Jun 27, 2014

While Coles and Woolworths are selling milk at $1 a liter – the Norco Cooperative in NSW has in 2014 started shipping milk to China. Export started in 2014 and the milk is sold for $7-9 a liter to consumers concerned about the safety, purity and healthiness of the milk they and their children are drinking (Australian, 6th May, 2014). 

Since the first shipment of 4500 liters, which was sold out in 36 hours, Norco has been swamped with inquiries from other Chinese importers. The next order is for 20,000 liters, but the aim is to export 20 million liters over the next 12 months (Courier Mail, 25th May, 2014; The Queensland Times, 14 May, 2014).

This story illustrates the importance for Australian farmers, and businesses, to look at the often amazing possibilities off-shore markets has to offer.  

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