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Promotional transformations

by Anne Tonkin | Jun 04, 2014
Last week we were so privileged to have Chloe from Yelp talk to our marketing students sharing her immense knowledge, experience and insights.  She also shared how Yelp had transformed over time and how it was transforming businesses today.  We had already generated some Yelpers during the term talking about Yelp, however I know there are quite a few more since this wonderful presentation. We asked Chloe in to talk to our Cert IV marketing students about how Yelp was used as a promotional tool for businesses as they were learning about the 4th P of the marketing mix - Promotion. Thank you so much Chloe and we look forward to inviting you next semester to address our new marketing students again to help them transform their learning. 
Last week we discussed one the most incredible case studies that stresses the power of getting the message right to your target market.... the Got Milk? promotion. The marketing mix stays the same for this campaign with only the P changing which transformed  the whole entire milk industry in California. 

Yesterday we looked at some super bowl commercials and the students analysed this Kia Soul promotion in class yesterday. The students did enjoy watching the transformation of the hampsters and the car! 

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