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E Advertising not e marketing

by Anne Tonkin | May 23, 2014
E Advertising is not to be mixed up with e marketing.   In marketing you have the marketing mix, product, price, place, promotion and the people of your target market (consumer or business).

E Advertising falls under the P of promotion only and is one form of advertising to support an organisation's promotional mix. E Advertising definitely can provide a greater return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend and marketers are moving away from traditional methods to get a better ROI.  In our classes this week we have been exploring website generators.

We are so fortunate this week in our Tafe SA marketing workgroup to have Chloe from YELP coming in to talk to our marketing students.  Chloe is going to talk about  e advertising concepts used by YELP and other organisations as a part of their promotional strategy to support their organisation's marketing mix.  We are so excited she is coming in!

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