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Brands, logos and leadership

by Anne Tonkin | Mar 24, 2014

Brands, logos and leadership

Business evolution

Tomorrow will require different management thinking from today.  We are doing just that.  Our business is constantly reinvigorating itself trying to stay ahead of the competition.  How do you stay ahead of the competition?

Marketing is all about satisfying the needs and wants of customers, using a distribution channel they can access and then purchasing that product or service.  The Apple revolution is genius as they have promoted a product that we did not know we even needed or wanted, now it’s too convenient to live without!  ( check out the logo evolution further on!)

Consumer or B2B market

Before we begin, here is some food for thought… is your customer in the business market or consumer market and are their growth opportunities in the one you are not yet in?  Business to Business (B2B) marketing is essentially the same, however a greater emphasis is on a manager searching online for products or services to satisfy their needs and wants. (An over complex website may turn your potential customer to your competitor!)

Business health check

Social media is one of the biggest changes for businesses and you have either jumped in whole heartedly or just dipped your toe in the water and are more timid in your approach.  Whatever position you are in, step back for a few moments and do a quick health check of your business.  Firstly, do your staff know your vision and mission statements, or are they just hanging on the wall?  How do you communicate to your staff and I don’t mean information dissemination via an email? I mean really communicate!  When do you ask questions and spend time waiting for some answers?  If you want to achieve your vision statement (of where you want to be in the future) the staff need to know it, so they too can contribute positively to the journey.  If they don’t know it, how will you get there?  Your mission is your ‘how to’ get to your vision.  Your mission should include all the values of your organisation. Eg.

  • Leading educational enterprise
  • Maintaining skilled staff
  • Innovative work practices
  • Sustainable business
  • Exemplary customer service

The marketing mix – 4P’s of marketing

Product: What is it that we sell? How is our product different to our competitors?  Is our customer service better than those competing in the same market?  What is our unique selling point?

Price:  When did we last review our price to ensure we are competitive and yet still profitable?  Can we add more value in the price?  Is the price still competitive? (Try not to cut price – always add value!)

Place:  Marketing used to be about location, location, location! Today yes that is still critical however the push for online, where the customer pulls information, the marketing saying now is… content, content, content!  Are your platforms maintained online?  Is your physical location accessible to your client? 

Promotion and fans: Have you researched lately how customers view your organisation? Do you know how they position your organisation on a scale of quality or service compared to your competitors? When did you last use a perception map?  What promotional platforms work well for your business?  Radio, TV, online? Do you use the analytics to build your business?  Are you trying to engage your customer or are you just pumping out information to them? The car ad that pulls at our heart strings is still a favourite.

Did you hear that a tweet from a Newcastle resident saved SPC?  This certainly is a fan saving a brand!



Organisations today have to be continually evolving.  Logos need to change so that consumers are aware of your brand moving with the times.  If you are considering creating or changing logo you can upload it here and get some feedback on idea, symbol, typography and colour.

Here are some of Apple’s and Coca-Cola’s brand images that have evolved over time. 





Remember to check out any relevant legislation that you may have to comply with…


New brands require a new marketing mix

 Product: A new product or service requires a new marketing mix!

Price:  Check your costings and profit margins before launch.

Place:  Invest online and not always in infrastructure these days, however there are big opportunities there also.

Promotion: Be resourceful as online doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think!


Leaders will help your brand build fans

“Leaders lead into the unknown, whilst managers manage the known” (Cole 2010)


The biggest hint is ENGAGE, ENGAGE and ENGAGE with your customers.  The brand and efforts to protect your brand, with supporting systems and processes will give your brand a better survival rate. 


Be a leader, check the health of your organisation, promote your vision and mission to your staff and engage them to join you on this journey.  Be ready to change your marketing mix when you need too!
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