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by Anne Tonkin | Feb 10, 2014
We have some great news for you... classes are off and running for 2014 however if you still want to study either full time or part time it is not too late.

The Tafe SA Marketing, Advertising and Sales workgroup still has places.  If you have any of these questions running through your mind...
- What shall I study in 2014?
- What qualifications will recognise my work experience?
- What courses have pathways to university in Adelaide?
- Where can I study marketing online in Adelaide?
- Where can I study advertising online in Adelaide?
- Can I formalise my Sales skills into a qualification?

Then we can answer these questions for you.

We even have courses for school leavers looking for that are open and have pathways to university. 

Go to to check out our courses which are located in Business and Marketing.  If you have any questions ask for a marketing lecturer by calling 82078302.

We are looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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