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British Airways - flightpath advertisement

by Anne Tonkin | Nov 22, 2013
What was the scope for this advertisement I wonder?  "Think creative and technological?" "Bring real flight paths to everyone" "Tell us who is flying overhead?"  This incredible concept should bring out the inner child in us all.  This is an unbelievable concept! British Airways this is so clever! A secret passion of mine has always been to try to work out, where has that plane been, where is it going and who's airline is it?  This just takes advertising to the next level!  This advertisement brings the dream of flying even closer to those watching the advertisement, thinking about the destination unknown or known.  This advertisement is so clever that if the plane is flying in clouds and you can't see it, it won't show up on the billboard.  That's clever!  A huge round of applause British Airways!

McDonalds have the play table using iphone technology, gamification is growing and this interactive ad is just so creative.  Todd Sampson said from "Redesign your Brain" creativity will give organisations a competitive edge.  This is a fantastic example of creative thinking!  Honestly technology and its capabilities in advertising continues to amaze me!

 Do you want a career in advertising, marketing or sales?  Come and study with us and follow the incredible journeys of companies promoting their goods and services using traditional platforms and online.  One thing for sure is the more advanced we become with technology the more creative our ads will be.  There is really no limit is there?  Virgin Galactic need one of these too!  I want to know where they are going in space!
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