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Redesign my business and my brain

by Anne Tonkin | Oct 18, 2013

Redesigning business and the brain

Firstly Im telling you to watch TV. No, not the Black List, “Redesign My Brain” on the ABC or see if you can get the 3 part series when its finished. Todd Sampson is a well respected creative maven!

(ABC 2013)


  • We all have moments at work of “on the job absenteeism” and “inattentive behaviour”.  The important questions are “How often are your colleagues in the same position?” And “What about your employees?” Is their thinking adding value to the organisation?  Are they creative thinking or wasting time?
  • Example of this could simply be thinking about the new car they are thinking of buying, a new business venture or acquisition or a dinner with someone special.   What percentage of an employee’s time is spent here and why?  Is idle time wasted time?  We know creativity is crucial for  business  success with constant innovations, either small or large.  Google allow their employees 20% of their time to work on innovative projects that will add value to their organisation?  “What if our Brain is maxed out?”  How can we possibly think of more ideas when staff are either flat out or thinking about the new TV show the “Black List” or the frustration of not being able to acquire the new PS4 on launch day on the 29th of November?  Then there are all the work challenges that could also be barriers to our creativity. Internet ports not working, silos in the organisation or unclear goals to name a few. How do we get smarter?  Can we get smarter to keep ahead of our competitors?


  • ahead of the competition is critical and having our employees living and breathing the vision and mission statement of the organisation is critical.  It has got me thinking about success, forward thinking and maintaining a competitive advantage.

ABC 2013

Redesign my brain is a program running on the ABC at the moment by award winning CEO and TV personality Todd Sampson.  Sampson puts brain training to the test as he undergoes a radical brain makeover in a three-part documentary series on the revolutionary new science of brain plasticity. (ABC 2013) “The cutting edge science has found that anyone can become smarter, improve their memory and reverse mental ageing with the right brain training. It can turn an ordinary brain into a super brain in just three months. The fastest growing science on the planet, brain plasticity will revolutionize how we live in the future. It has the potential to cure learning and mental disorders, such as OCD, bipolar disorder, addiction, ADD, autism and some dementias. And its rapid results deliver benefits regardless of age. But how can it improve the lives of ordinary people?”  (ABC 2013)



Creativity and new innovations pave the way for future growth in business.  Here are a couple of examples.

-          Speed bumps could make energy

-          New mooring device is helping Dugong populations


-          Research helps us make decisions about who we market our products and services too!   We have to be creative about how we use our data, but not too creative! (I know its not brand new but it still astounds me)

How Target figured out a teen was pregnant before her Father



Organisations are becoming better and better tapping into our emotive side.  They are trying form a relationship with us and not just trying to push a sale.    KMart's advertising campaign has research and creativity combined here.  An award winning ad for a marketing team of KMart who have reshaped their business.
-          Kmart Bom, Bom, Bom award winning ads

Understanding emotions key to marketing success 



Ask your staff for ideas, capture them and reinvigorate your business.  Give staff time to be creative and to challenge the normal business activities.

-          Ask your staff and stakeholders

  • For ideas on how to grow the business and not always the way to save costs.
  • Ask for new products ideas
  • Improvements in the twins efficiency and effectiveness



-          Our staff are number one!  Establish programs that motive your staff.  Remember what motives you may not motivate me.  Look after your staff and they will support your organisational objectives and build a dynamic culture.

-          Technology - how we use it is only limited by our creativity! 

-          Data - Dont collect data that is not important.

-          Ideas - Gather from as many sources as possible.

-          Engage in Social mediums and build relationship on and off line

-          Growing population (not always ideal for sustainability) - Dont just think national, think international.

-          Our Brains - As Todd says we need to brush our teeth with our other hand, try a different route to work and eat food we would not normally try.  Our brains need exercise just like our bodies.

Exciting opportunities exist for all organisations.  Data accumulation is one of those areas, however to be smart about it, make sure you are using and analysing the data inline with your business goals and objectives.  

Now train that brain .... (If only I had done this training prior to the prelease of the PS4 I might have had one for launch day on the 29th of November - those gamers are so fast out of the blocks)

Brain training - well we help you acquire knowledge for that grey matter of yours....go to and search for Business and Marketing be the change you want to see in the world.


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