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McDonald's land the Happy Table

by Anne Tonkin | Sep 16, 2013
Looks like McDonald's have worked out how to get the kids to stay at the table, but will they eat or play?  This is certainly an incredibly innovative idea.  Would you like to see this in Australia?

In order to stay ahead of their competitors staff need to think differently.  This is a great example of innovative thinking.  It opened in Singapore and do you think in 5 years this will be a standard restaurant offering? 

Will it change the consumer patterns of the drive through customer with kids in the car pleading to go inside? "Mum, Dad  stop the car! Do you have your phone on you?" "If you have battery power we will go in, if you don't take us through the drive through"  Or will it change the message to "No kids we don't have time to play The Happy Table game now, we are going through the drive through!"    I bet there will be some great phone crashes too! This will be fascinating to follow but hats off to them for their creativity.  To think differently, why not study marketing, business, or advertising at Tafe SA.  Go to for more information.

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