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Competing to survive

by Anne Tonkin | Sep 03, 2013

One thing for certain is that we have to innovate to survive and constantly consider our external operating environment, our organisational culture and our competition.


Are you doing your everyday tasks thinking the same way?  Are you challenging your personnel around you to think differently?  In order to improve efficiencies we are challenging how we operate to ensure we are moving ahead of the competition, streamlining our processes to develop a more sustainable business that continues to grow.  We focus on developing business relationships not business transactions!

  • Did you know Centrelink have taken a front foot approach to any bad publicity?  How did they do it? By being community and customer focussed.  They have used a range of different platforms to maximise their accessibility of information and availability of staff.   Supported with excellent IT strategies Centrelink provide a good business model if you are ever flanked by unhappy customers.  A good innovative approach and again thinking differently.
  • Did you know that Art Series Hotels increased their business by running a competition to steal Banksy…
  • Can you think of way to gamify your promotions and promote your business?


Keeping an eye on the horizon, the competition and what’s new?

  • Will the scarcity of resources force you to source or change your current ways of doing business? 
  • YELP is although not brand new to Australia is yet another social movement that actually could help you grow your business in tough economic times.  They also engage in community gatherings that can be tailored for your business.
  • Are you using QR codes?  Do you think they are ugly and get in the way of your advertising?  Well imagination if your logo could be scanned or an image instead of a little black box.  Well there is image recognition on the horizon now.  Image recognition is another change on the horizon for business which could help you or your customers to find you?  Check out the Blippar App. 


How do organisations improve productivity without adding extra staff?

Well the answer is building a team culture and not workgroups!  Kris Cole, a management book author one day said in her presentations, "Organisations have moved from lean and mean to anorexic and angry."  A quotation that has stayed with me for years, as organisations are forced to be more productive with their human resources inorder to survive in the competitive landscape.   Do you have leaders at your work that are given the title of team leader but don’t really know how to lead?  Your team leaders are their to inspire guide and support your staff and remember to set your teams up as this, not workgroups.  Keep your communication open, capture ideas from your staff constantly and your stakeholders, but the big tip is that you can actually do more by having people operate in teams.  The big difference is that they are a;; accountable, not just one individual!  Check this clip out and make sure all your staff are working towards the same goal…


Engagement and organisational culture

Are your staff actually helping your business?  Are you achieving a culture that reflects aims in customer service excellence.  This is one of my favourite clips…



Community engagement

Have you thought about your Facebook page of your business lately?  Do you know you can really engage with them but not by just pushing information out, connect with them and ask them questions?  Another way of connecting with your stakeholder but don’t push information out, one way or you will push them way.  Do you agree?  Take some photos of your clients and upload them on FB and see what happens.


Median house prices in August Australia median house prices came out today.  (02.09.13 ABC 2013) 


  • Sydney: up 0.6 per cent to $587,000.
  • Melbourne: up 0.2 per cent to $507,000.
  • Brisbane: up 1.5 per cent to $429,000.
  • Adelaide: up 0.7 per cent to $380,000.
  • Perth: down 0.2 per cent to $499,500.
  • Hobart: down 1.9 per cent to $289,000.
  • Darwin: up 0.7 per cent to $495,000.
  • Canberra: up 0.9 per cent to $503,000.
  • Average: up 0.5 per cent to $490,000


This will mean something different to each us, however we need to keep an eye on these movements constantly to help us gauge the future business environment. 

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