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Making your customers like you

by Bjarne Sorensen | Sep 03, 2013

You have probably, as a consumer, dealt with many undistinguished businesses. And your loyalty to these businesses has most likely been non-existent, or if not that, close to non-existent.

During the recent Marketing Week in Adelaide, Andre Eikmeier outlined a number of simple strategies that can be used by (small) business to build loyalty and distinctiveness; strategies that will enable you to be likable and to stand for something in the minds of your customers. Two of the more important are listed in the following:

  • The first relates to being human. Here Andre’s stressed the importance for (small) businesses to let their customers have a feel for the real people behind your business.  This may even involve admitting that you are not perfect (and to admit faults; if one is made).
  • The second relates to standing for something. Here Andre outlined the importance of passion, of telling a story, and of creating a brad with a soul.

Both of which, when put into practice, will help customers identify and connect with your business. 

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