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Creativity in Tough Times

by Andrea Jenkins | Sep 03, 2013
Energise - Marketing Ideas Conference - Marketing Week Monday 12 - Friday 16 August 2013.

Creativity in Tough Times - Creativity is important in good and tough times. This is because you are more likely to be noticed if your advertisement is creative.

The recent Fruchocs campaign listed the 6,000 names on a tram from their Fruchocs appreciation society. This is a way of acknowledging their special customers. People spent time looking for their name on the tram. It is important to spend time appreciating your existing customers as well as attracting new customers. There needs to be a balance in these two areas.

Another successful creative campaign was Dumb Ways to Die. This was a public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne to promote rail safety. The campaign went viral through sharing and social media from November 2012.

A screenshot from the animated video during the song's final chorus shows the characters and their resulting "deaths".

If the idea is creative then you can spend less on your media channels because cut through occurs. There is less chance of your ad being lost in all the clutter.

So how to I come up with a creative ad?

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