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Yelp in Adelaide

by Anne Tonkin | Aug 19, 2013
Last Friday ended a sensational week as many of the lecturers in marketing, business and advertising attended Micon 2013, Adelaide Marketing Week.  This has also been an opportune time for many of our students to mingle with some of the best marketing minds in Australia and from overseas.

It was interesting to hear Dion Workman from Kmart and the team behind Kmart that created the Bom Bom ads.  (Winner of the Gold David Ogilvy Award for research effectiveness!) The consumer psychology and relentless persistence to delve deeper into the thoughts, emotions and engagement of consumers was evident here and it was also a major theme by many speakers throughout the conference. 

One of my favourite sessions was that of Yelp's Laura Nestler, the Head of Marketing, in the Asia Pacific.  Laura is responsible for driving all of Yelp's marketing and community efforts in the region.  Why is Yelp so successful? Well just by experiencing Laura's enthusiasm in her presentation last week at Micon, it is understandable how her energy and passion for Yelp, is so contagious with her growing customer base.  Yelp is a different platform and one that businesses should be taking seriously.  My suggestion is to grab your business  Yelp page and use this to engage with your customers and help your business grow.  This platform looks ideal to support small to medium sized businesses and last week we listened to 3 businesses explain how Yelp fitted into their social networking strategy.

Marketing week, if I summed it up in a few words
1) Create a clear digital strategy and research your market
2) Be connected with your customers not by pushing information out to them, but by engaging with them and getting them involved.  Maybe a rethink for some, on how they use their social media platforms!

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