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Coke-Cola Personalised Road

by Anne Tonkin | Aug 13, 2013
Many of the Marketing Lecturers at the moment are attending Marketing Week here in Adelaide at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.  Many of our students have also volunteered to help with the added benefit of being able to listen to some of the best advertisers, marketers and communicators in Australia.  Today I was fortunate to listen to Adam Ferrier from Naked and he was today discussing the topic of "Embracing Existentialism to Make Marketing Meaningful."  The mix of advertisements shown today included Renault, Oxy pimple wash teenage boys (dont ask me to explain that example used), Steel Banksy and Coke-Cola.  The theme across the sessions I attended today was again engaging with consumers.  It got me thinking about this promotion by Coke-Cola where they have taken the name your Coke campaign even further.
Check this incredible promotion out...

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