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To buy or not to buy?

by User Not Found | May 17, 2013

Advertising and creating the need is paramount to the success of any product in the market place. The customer decision process is one area of marketing that needs to be understood by the organisation to ensure maximum sales are achieved.

The first step is creating a need for your product. How often are you watching TV, an ad comes on and all of a sudden you have discovered that this product can ‘help make your life easier’ or ‘take years off your age’ or even’ protect your family?

Marketers or sales people need to show the consumer that there is a void that must be filled by the product on offer. Thinking about the consumer, how big is the discrepancy between the current and desired state and how important is it to correct the problem?

Sometimes an individual can identify there is a need but due to circumstances outside their control they choose to ignore it or deal with it at a later date .Even though the action is not immediate, information needs to be readily available to ensure consumers are aware of what is available and where the product can be purchased.

If the need has been recognised the next step is to determine how the consumer searches for products available. Do they base their search on their own knowledge or do they rely on other sources for their information? WOM is one great source (through family and friends). As noted by ABS, nearly 75% of all Australians have access to the internet. The introduction of smart technology has enabled more people to access the internet more easily. Finding out information has never been easier with the only danger is having information overload.

Discovering the need of a customer is studied in various marketing and sales courses offered by TAFE SA. One such unit is ‘Analyse Consumer Behaviour for Specific Markets’ which sets the foundation of the 5 stages of the consumer buying decision process, what motivates the consumer, what are the consumer’s attitude and beliefs of products, how they remember and learn which products to buy or not buy. This unit look at factors that can influence the final decision. This is a good introduction for anyone who wants to move into a marketing or sales role.

The other units offered in all the marketing and sales courses at TAFE SA add depth to the students’ knowledge and offers a pathway to university if courses are successfully completed (18 months credit if all subjects are passed for the Advance Diploma of Marketing).

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