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Marketing of Brands - organisations no longer own their brand —or do they?

by Anne Tonkin | Apr 29, 2013
2013 represents a digital era like no other.  The challenge for all companies today is how to market a brand successfully. Brands can be for a product, service or even a person. Brands are also forever evolving. Do you remember Apple's first brand? It was a person sitting under an apple tree. Today its just an apple, but we all know what this apple looks like. If you are extremely successful your brand is used as a verb in everyday conversation. For instance how often do you say "I just need to Hoover my carpet" or "I'll just Google it?"

Organisations today value the worth of the brand and invest millions of dollars into researching the perceptions of brands in the commercial and domestic marketplace. There are always constant changes in marketing however there is one major change happening and it is about consumers now owning your brand. Organisations used to own their brand, however with the power of social networking, do you agree or disagree that consumers now own the brand? The consumer social networking movement can now positively or negatively influence organisations and their brand. Oxfam has just released a report on trying to identify the sustainability practices, disciplines and measures of leading organisations. Do you think this report will impact the brands of these organisations?

As business managers, marketers and advertisers we have to be constantly researching what our brand represents in the marketplace. We want to create positive consumer advocates after every transaction and build a relationship with our customers. A tight relationship with our customers means brands can gradually evolve around the changing needs and wants of our consumer market. 

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