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Ethics In Advertising

by Andrea Jenkins | Feb 19, 2013

Anyone working in marketing is involved with persuasive communications. You or your organisation are responsible for persuading people to:

  • Purchase or use a service for example consider going to the Casino for a night out
  • Behave in a certain way for example consider the implications problem gambling has on family and friends

Sometimes, depending on the organisation for which you work, you may be asked to prepare or be involved in an advertising campaign that you may not personally agree with.

The question often becomes and ethical one:

  • How do you reconcile your personal values with your career choices?
  • How to you reconcile the organisation’s needs and the consumers you are likely to affect?

All valuable questions especially when you are looking for work. It is not only about an organisation choosing you to work for them it is about you deciding if they are right for you. This could be based on your personal values among other things. Worth considering.

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