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50 Shades of Marketing

by Anne Tonkin | Dec 04, 2012

We have created a marketing short course.

50 Shades of Marketing!

Define marketing terms:

  • What is marketing?
  • What is the marketing process?

The marketing environment:

  • What external factors and internal factors affect your business?
  • Undertake a SWOT analysis

Consumer and business markets:

  • Who is in the consumer and business market?
  • How can each sector be identified and managed?


  • What is market segmentation and why is it important to understand?
  • How are markets segmented?

Target markets:

  • Who should your business target?
  • Identify strategies to be used for each target market

Profile the target audience:

  • Identify a profile of your target audience 
  • Develop a positioning strategy for the target audience identified


OK, there may or may not be 50 shades of marketing, but there are at least four Ps, and the different shades could represent the multi-faceted business world we have to work with! So, enough of the clever play of words, if you are seeking a great two-day marketing course in Adelaide look no further.

Here's the best two-day course introducing concepts from the field of marketing, investigating the marketing environment, review both the consumer and business market, understand the segmentation process, identify target markets, profile your target audience, and display benefits your products/services provided to organisations.

This course will open your eyes to some of the strategy and the reasons behind all successful companies. From this moment on you will cease to be purely a consumer, viewing business through the eyes of someone buying a product and begin to understand what companies can achieve in growth and profit strategies.

In an environment of high competition and increasing globalisation the pressure on companies and individuals to understand the benefit of marketing and a market oriented structure is growing. This subject will outline the external environments that influence the way businesses operate and how, by understanding the consumer a company can have a greater chance of success.

The marketing concept is a system of business activities which start with the identification of customer needs and wants, utilising the resources of the organization to satisfy those needs and wants.

You can sign up for 50 Shades of Marketing! under Short Courses on the Marketing Studies page

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