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Businesses today are either account driven or marketing driven: which is best?

by Andrew Brady | Dec 03, 2012

Businesses today are either account driven or marketing driven. Most people at sometime go to accountants for business advice, for ways to better their business and increase sales. Accountants have their place with taxation matters, and of course accounting reporting, however understanding a business is something accountants have always been not that good at.

Most accountants have never worked in other professions, so how can they profess to be aware of customers' needs and wants for example? Marketing is recognised the best way to prepare, compete and operate a successful business. But you don’t need to listen to us, take a look around yourself.

Do you see Harvey Norman cutting back severely on promotion, publicity and of course, advertising? - No way!

While business often cuts back when the economy tightens, it’s the businesses with a good understanding of marketing (or have outsourced this) who prosper.  Marketing is where research into the market place occurs, understanding the customers’ needs, and pricing the products or services to compete competitively is paramount leading towards a successful business.

Have you seen a business with a great idea, product, service, but no-one knows about it. Even worse, no-one wants to buy what they produce? These are examples of poor (or non-existent) marketing.

By undertaking business and marketing courses with TAFE SA in Adelaide, you will learn more about marketing products or services, learn more about customers, and learn the right direction to ensure business survival and business success.

Don’t get us wrong, accountants have their place. However, to have a business which is accounting driven usually sees an analysis of the business financial information, then adopt a budget set on what similar or like businesses may have spent in the past on an advertising budget.

But, how many times have you heard business embark on an advertising campaign only to say they received no or little results at all from it? Then the business owner goes back to the same accountant for more advice!

There’s a much better way and that’s from learning more about marketing and business training.

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