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Staying in tune with the external environment

by Bjarne Sorensen | Nov 26, 2012

Staying in tune with the external environment…

In marketing it is essential to keep a close eye on the external environment. Doing so enables businesses to anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities and threats. The importance of the external environment has been highlighted by recent sales plunges for Japanese cars in China, where sales have fallen by 59.4 percent on-year in October.

These sales plunges came around as a result of tension between Japan and China over the Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea. This is dispute that has caused widespread anger among consumers in China – something that has resulted in the rejection of many Japanese products in that country.

Meanwhile, as Chinese overall car sales are on the increase, non-Japanese brands are keeping a close eye on the situation. Audi recently announced a 20 percent increase in sales for September - while Hyundai and Kia in October stated that their 2012 sales are likely to exceed expectations.

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