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by Anne Tonkin | Oct 08, 2012

Welcome to the TafeSA Marketing and Business Maven blog!

Our blog is designed to have input from our lecturing staff (our mavens), our students (mavenettes) and any other marketing and business mavens who would like to contribute! Over time you will meet our group of mavens.

What is a maven you ask?  Well it’s an expert (who we think is also continuously learning) and our students are on their educational journey to becoming experts in the field of marketing and business, so they are our mavenettes.

This blog will be of interest to you if

  • You seek learning in marketing and business at TafeSA
  • If you AIM to be a leading marketer or business maven
  • If you want to study Marketing or Business qualifications, short courses or are interested in flexible delivery or intensives, online or external or you can even come class!
  • If you just have an interest in marketing and business and want to maintain your competitive advantage

Did you know that we can even customise training to suit the needs of your organisation?

Did you know that we are also involved in transnational training?  Our latest venture is in Vietnam!

Our team has many years of experience including commercial, international and academic backgrounds. We have a range of qualifications in our workgroup that we deliver including;

  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • Certificate IV in Advertising
  • Certificate IV in Marketing
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Diploma of Advertising
  • Diploma of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma of Advertising
  • Advanced Diploma of Business

Did you know we have exceptional pathways to University too… including Flinders University, Adelaide University and University of South Australia? Head to our website:

If you hear of some interesting articles, let us know as we will share these.  We will also share with you some extraordinary advertisements, new concepts in marketing and business and even the occasional marketing disaster that we can all learn from.

Our team attended the Adelaide MICON (Marketing and Ideas Conference recently and we were blown away! Social media strategic planning was a focus for the week, along with some great ads and there were plenty of photos of the Old Spice model but surprisingly no mention of 50 Shades of Gray! Gamification was a new concept that was also presented which also had us in a spin..check this ad out…

This is the latest concept in marketing creating the ultimate PTAT! (People talking about this!)

Question: What are your favourite advertisements and why?

Until next time

TafeSA Marketing and Business Mavens

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