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  • Brilliant B2B Marketing Examples: What Made These People and Companies Our 2014 Bright Bulb Winners - by Jo Roberts, Rob Zaleski

    by Anne Tonkin | Nov 10, 2014
    Who are today's brightest marketers? Which brands—and agencies—stand out among the rest? Look no further than MarketingProfs' 2014 Bright Bulb B2B Award winners, who were announced by MarketingProfs chief content officer and best-selling author Ann Handley and comedy writer and emcee Tim Washer at the B2B Marketing Forum in October. Rather than just give you a short and sweet list of winners, we pulled together this summary of what they did and why we think each winner is awesome.
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  • Five Tips for Effective 'Emotional Branding' - Jeannette de Beauvoir

    by Anne Tonkin | Nov 05, 2014
    by Jeannette de Beauvoir What we're now calling emotional branding isn't new. Dale Carnegie developed famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. In case you're inclined to sneer at the self-help philosophy, consider that this stuff works. And sells. How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold over 30 million copies since its first printing in 1936. And what is it that worked so well? Carnegie advised businesspeople to appeal to their customers' emotions.
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  • Is your software driving your Enterprise Risk Management at work?

    by Anne Tonkin | Sep 18, 2014
    If your answer to this is YES, then you will need to reinvigorate risk management into your culture and your organisation. How would your organisation measure up, if you used some metrics to monitor your risk breadth and risk depth? Do you have both (risk breadth and depth) or is one higher than the other? Is compliance your major reason for implementing a risk management framework into your organisation? Wouldn’t it be better for your organisation, staff and stakeholders if you implemented your framework with the intensity of adding value to your organisation, and following the ISO31000:2009 you would be complying with this guiding standard anyway?
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  • Kenya’s Mobile Banking Market

    by Bjarne Sorensen | Sep 15, 2014
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  • Train what train?

    by Anne Tonkin | Sep 08, 2014
    Have all your sales team been formally trained in sales? Has your organisation had workshops to develop or explore particular areas in growing the business? Quite often many organisations don’t bother to provide formalised training to get the most out of their sales team and regularly have informal meetings to share the key points. Informal meetings are important, however, giving staff the opportunity to take a step back and review what they are doing can have a dramatic effect on their approach to their job. To train staff is a great investment as the knowledge that they gain may assist them with their job particularly at a time when the economy is slowing, confidence is down and customers are holding back making decisions.
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  • 5 Pillars of successful blogging - from speaker Jeff Bullas

    by Anne Tonkin | Sep 04, 2014
    It was another exciting week last week at Marketing Week and again I was left a fraction disappointed that I didn't make it to absolutely everything. My Marketing Week 2014 kicked off with Jeff Bullas, a blogging master who was open to sharing personal experiences and challenges as well as techniques and blogging hints. (Yes I am blogging about a blogger!) The topic was "The Secrets to Content Marketing That Work" which included the following hints;
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  • My million dollar customer experience and then some!

    by Anne Tonkin | Aug 15, 2014
    It had been more than a year in the planning for our huge family trip to Disneyland, San Diego, San Francisco and then a relaxing time in Hawaii. Three weeks of holiday fun! Significant planning had gone into the first 10 days in California with a tour or activity planned, booked and paid for everyday. Hawaii was to unwind from the madness. Everything had to go perfectly. Well most of it did! As a marketer you want to make your customers feel great! Creating a valued customer connection is pivitol. I couldn't wait to experience the best service ever. I think I had imagined that as a result of the small fortune I had handed over!
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  • Facebook slings Slingshot around the world

    by Anne Tonkin | Jun 27, 2014
    Slingshot, Facebook's new photo messaging app, is ready to sling its shots all the way around the world. When the app was first launched on June 17 just a few select places were able to try it, primarily the United States. Facebook has announced that Slingshot is ready to go worldwide.
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  • Milk at $8 a litre….

    by Bjarne Sorensen | Jun 27, 2014
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  • Crowd Funding tips - Indiegogo

    by Anne Tonkin | Jun 05, 2014
    Crowd funding tips for those wanting to try their luck at crowd funding for a variety of reasons. Good luck
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  • Promotional transformations

    by Anne Tonkin | Jun 04, 2014
    We discuss 3 promotional transformations, Chloe from Yelp in Adelaide, the famous Got Milk? promotion and the latest Kia Soul promotion from the Superbowl. These fit with the 4th P of the marketing mix - Promotion - which we have been learning about in class. Come and transform your career by studying marketing, business, advertising or sales at Tafe SA today.
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  • E Advertising not e marketing

    by Anne Tonkin | May 23, 2014
    E advertising, marketing, YELP and our marketing courses on offer are discussed. Tafe SA offer a range of qualifications in Marketing, Advertising and Sales. Contact us today.
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  • An innovative recycling concept

    by Anne Tonkin | May 09, 2014
    Great to see the fun associated with recycling here. We need these everywhere!
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  • Vinomofo

    by Anne Tonkin | May 01, 2014
    This is a story of great stress and sadness at the beginning to triumph and cheers for the crew at Vinomofo through sheer determination and grit. Having heard the story of Vinomofo at Marketing Week, my thought process was to create a case study for a class learning how to conduct emarketing communications. These guys certainly nailed this aspect of their business with flying colours. After some reading I have copied, referenced and cut some quotes from here and there to give you their story and triumph.
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  • New market opportunities

    by Bjarne Sorensen | May 01, 2014
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  • Black Milk Clothing

    by Anne Tonkin | Apr 16, 2014
    t was nearly 2 years ago when my family and I were snorkeling the spectacular Great Barrier Reef in not so spectacular weather but that is another story. As my eldest son signed me up for a snorkeling safari (slightly terrifed with 4m swell) however I had to be brave and I was ready to get up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef along side our marine biologist. What I was not prepared for was to be introduced to an organisation that I have now followed on and off for the last couple of years. It was at the end of our epic trip (initial relief at surviving the swell) that I learned about Black Milk clothing as I admired the usual but striking bathers of our marine biologist. To this day I have always kept my interest up with this intriguing company who continues to defy the odds successfully manufacturing in Australia. Here is their story
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  • Tafe SA Marketing Short courses

    by Anne Tonkin | Apr 10, 2014
    At times you may not need a whole qualification so we have put together some short courses to help keep your skills and knowledge current
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  • Brands, logos and leadership

    by Anne Tonkin | Mar 24, 2014
    Tomorrow will require different management thinking from today. We are doing just that. Our business is constantly reinvigorating itself trying to stay ahead of the competition. How do you stay ahead of the competition? Marketing is all about satisfying the needs and wants of customers, using a distribution channel they can access and then purchasing that product or service. The Apple revolution is genius as they have promoted a product that we did not know we even needed or wanted, now it’s too convenient to live without! ( check out the logo evolution on the next page)
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  • Cool vision with Superman using a GoPro

    by Anne Tonkin | Mar 20, 2014
    A great graphic and an inspiring method or revenue creation
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  • Top funny commercials 2013

    by Anne Tonkin | Feb 26, 2014
    At Tafe SA we can teach you about advertising, media plans, target marketing and social media. We review ads, watch ads and analyse them! Check out some of the ads from last year
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