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Student Voice

Good News Stories to come from TAFE and New Year Resolutions

by Tess Kidman | Nov 04, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Its nearly that time of year for TAFE to end, holidays to start and New Year Resolutions!

So have you decided on your 2012 'must do?' is it to study a new course at TAFE, a short course maybe to help you get that edge in your current workplace? Have you decided you don't really love the career you in at the moment? Want a massive change ? Well you know where to find that inspiration... at the TAFESA website   check it out today to find your pathway to your dream. Why don't you also comment here on what you want to study for the coming year!

Talking of dreams we all know the channel 10 popular program MasterChef Australia, well from 55,  24 TAFE students were selected to audtion for the 2012 show at the John Reynell Resturant. Over the course of one day, the Noarlunga TAFE Campus hosted a Channel 10 production crew. So all the best to all the TAFE students, and looking at the history of the show winners quite a few have been South Australian.

Another good news story to come out of TAFE in recent months is the TAFE Fashion Parades. Held during the Adelaide Fashion Festival TAFE hosted their parades at Prince Alfred College, and what a success they were with all shows very well attended! These parades allowed students to show off their own 6 piece collections to the South Australian public. And they did not disappoint! From elegant wedding dresses to the models wearing art!

Learning a language is not always an easy and exciting as it sounds [Trust me I am trying to learn one at the moment] but an Adelaide TAFE lecturer has made it more fun for this class.  Renato Di Stefano is a language lecturer of Italian that is making studying a language more fun and tasty than usual. Recently he took his class down to Phil Hoffmann Travel and taught his students how to make traditional Italian pasta! It was an enjoyable experince for all students and not to meation our hand made pasta was also delicious! How do I know? I am learning Italian with Renato! Another element to come out of this cooking class is one student has actually gained  employment at Phil Hoffmann  through meeting Alison Hoffmann at this cooking class and finishing her Cert III in Tourism.

So as you can see there are always wonderful and exciting things happening at TAFESA so you dont you get in on the action?

Tess Kidman

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