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Student Voice

Welcome to the new Student Voice blog!

by Tess Kidman | Aug 02, 2011

Hi everyone my name is Tess Kidman and I am the Student Representative for TAFESA.

First I'll tell you some things about me I study an Advanced Diploma of Events Management at Adelaide City Campus. This is my third term of study and I have to say even though at the start of the year I found TAFE quite daunting, it is now going very well. I have made great friends in my class and actually get along with my lecturers.

While starting TAFE was daunting enough I also had to adjust to moving to Adelaide from a small country town four hours away. The move to Adelaide was not enjoyable; there were a lot of cases that I had to lug up stairs! However, I have discovered Adelaide is not a bad place to live, not to mention that I can go shopping on a Sunday!

Now to the point of this blog. As it is a Student Voice Blog you guys can post comments to me about TAFE. So what you like about TAFE, don’t like and idea's for TAFE. So when you give feedback [And I hope you will!]  I will then pass these ideas’s etc onto the Institute Council of TAFESA. The Council basically is a group of people that make decisions about TAFE and how it is run.

Now as I have said above I only study at the City campus, so I have no idea what issues you may be facing at other campuses. So if you have an issue or ideas please leave your comments here. If you do not leave feedback nothing may be done about it.

So the rest is up to you! I will be regularly updating this blog to let you know what exciting events are coming up for TAFE students. And don’t worry if you aren't a TAFE student but are thinking about taking a course I will keep you informed about TAFE Open Day and short courses as well as courses that still have positions available. 

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