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While the courses outlined below are generally “stand-alone” offerings there are some that require prior participation in another course.   

All courses are nationally accredited and, depending on the selection and number of courses completed, may enable the participant to achieve a full qualification.

Artisan Cheese Making Academy Courses

Award CoursesHelp…   National Code
Certificate III Program in Food Processing (Artisan Cheese)
Diploma Program in Food Processing (Artisan Cheese)
Short CoursesHelp… Duration
One Day Cheese Making Workshop 1 day Part Time

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This course is most suited to:

  • Individuals
  • Schools and universities
  • Cooks or chefs
  • Retailers
  • Individuals
  • Employees
  • Cooks or chefs
  • Retailers
  • Artisan cheesemakers
  • Industry newcomers  

Completion of these course entitles participants to 3 months of mentoring support.

Course 1


Essential Dairy Principles

The program provides participants with a sound understanding of the statutory regulations governing the safe production of cheese. This course is offered via the Academy’s online e-learning facility.

Course 2


Food Safety for Dairy Foods Production

This course enables participants to implement a food safety (HACCP) program including effective cleaning and sanitisation, Occupational Health and Safety and complete Standard Operating Procedures documentation. As a prerequisite for this course, participants are required to complete online material prior to attendance at a half-day practical workshop at the Academy.

Course 3


Introduction to Dairy Science

Participants gain an understanding of the compositional characteristics and microbiology of milk and learn how to apply quality systems and procedures and overcome quality and spoilage problems.

This course is offered over two consecutive days in May and September each year. The course is delivered at the Academy, including practical application in the Academy’s processing facility. 

Course 4

Cheese Sensory and Grading

Participants in this course learn to identify various cheese types including white mould, smear ripened, blue, soft, semi-hard and hard, among others, applying sensory characteristics and compositional standards.

Participants also learn about the functional properties of different cheeses.

The course is offered over one day and delivered in the classroom and the Academy’s Sensory Laboratory.

Course 5


Artisan Cheese Making

This course covers all aspects of cheese production from receiving the milk to the application of starter cultures, coagulation, cutting, cooking, moulding through to maturation.

The course is offered over three consecutive days in March, May, July and September each year. Participants are required to have completed courses 1 and 2 prior to commencing this course.

Course 6


Cheese Quality

This course enables participants to

  • produce quality, consistent and safe cheeses applying the appropriate processing parameters
  • accurately calculate cheese yields, and
  • successfully ripen cheese applying a range of control mechanisms

The course is held at the Academy over one day.

Course 7



Participants learn how to create the correct environment to successfully age cheese.

The course is held over one day at the Academy utilising the newly constructed ageing room along with site visits to industry.

Course 8


Cheese Defects & Troubleshooting

Participants learn how to identify and analyse the production processes that lead to cheese defects and the steps necessary to rectify those processes.

The course is a one-day workshop held at the Academy.

Course 9


Running an artisan cheese business

This course covers such aspects as:

  • Starting an artisan cheese making business including registration, business start up, financing, compliance and record keeping.
  • Establishing an artisan cheese making factory including factory set up, lay out, equipment suppliers, sustainability and waste management.
  • Growing your artisan cheese making business including risk management, marketing and merchandising, sales and promotions, research and development and product life cycle.

The course will be offered through a two-day workshop.

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