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Health & safety



The provision and maintenance of a Safe Workplace is a principle aim and duty of TAFE SA.  To achieve our vision we will maintain an effective Work Health and Safety Management System consistent with internationally recognised standards.

In recognition of our shared responsibility and wellbeing, we expect and support all staff, students, visitors and contractors to take an active role in identifying, reporting and managing health and safety risks.

Students and staff also have a legal duty to take care and protect their own health and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others.

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Ambulance & Medical Expenses

Students are NOT employed by TAFE SA and therefore are NOT covered by TAFE SA WorkCover for medical expenses.
  • There is no medical cover for students injured while attending TAFE SA courses however TAFE SA will meet valid claims where TAFE SA may be considered negligent.
  • You may be covered for some expenses if you are an apprentice or on a formal vocational placement (see directly below).
  • You are encouraged to take out some form of insurance and/or join the SA Ambulance Service.
  • If you are injured you may be referred to a medical practitioner and you may need to be transported to medical assistance by ambulance and you will be responsible for these costs.

This applies to you studying on campus or off-campus, including field trips and camps.

Apprentices are treated like any other student however, as your employer considers you to be at work while studying at TAFE SA, you should direct any workers compensation claim to your employer if you are injured.

Vocational Placements
Students on a formal Vocational Placement are covered for some hospital, ambulance and other medical expenses. Your lecturer will discuss this with you before you undertake the placement.

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Disclosure of Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that may affect your performance under certain conditions or at certain times, please advise your lecturer, course coordinator or Student Counsellor before you commence your study. Such conditions may include a disability or the prescribed use of medication that may affect your performance or attendance. All information is treated confidentially and is used to provide you with the best possible support while studying at TAFE SA.

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Emergency Process

All TAFE SA Campus’ have well established processes that occur during any emergency event.  These processes will be discussed during your first week in class and are tested throughout the year.

If you have a disability that will affect your ability to evacuate the building in a timely manner, please advise your student counsellor or Lecturer about a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan). This plan details the requirements necessary to allow you to exit the building safely under extraordinary situations.

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Check your local TAFE SA Campus as to the availability of services such as patrol staff, surveillance cameras and recovery of lost property.

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TAFE SA is pleased to promote a smoke free environment.

Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings on campus and is restricted near entrances to buildings and where work is being undertaken by students or staff.  You are required to observe all no smoking zones and signs.

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