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AC Arts students attend international conference in Belgium

Jul 22, 2014


Three design and set construction students from TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts will share insights - on 23 July at 1pm - from an international conference they attended in Belgium focusing on the historic Bourla Theatre.

Second year design student Miranda Hampton, along with fellow students Lauren Murray and Terry Izzat attended the ‘Wood and canvas in the modern world’ conference in Antwerp, Belgium last month.

The historic Bourla Theatre and its wooden stage machinery dating back to 1834 took centre stage at the conference, with the AC Arts students hearing from world-leading architects, historians, technicians, restorers and designers on how the machinery can be put to use in modern theatre productions.

Miranda said: “The current theatre company that use the Bourla would like the machinery to be removed as they feel it limits their ability to produce contemporary theatre and that the restrictions of having heritage machinery and architecture makes for an unsafe environment to work in.”

From the conference Miranda said many ideas were put forward on whether the machinery could be restored through to how it could be used in a new way to produce contemporary works.

“An important aspect of this was to first understand how the machinery had been used before. What effects were originally achieved in the Baroque period - how did they make rain, fire, wind and thunder on stage; or transition between scenery or create a stormy sea?” Miranda said.

Students Miranda, Lauren and Terry have gained invaluable insights from world-leaders in the field of design and set/prop construction which they will share with the general public on 23 July at 1pm in the TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts Main Theatre.

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