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Mar 13, 2013

Article from The Adelaide Review March edition by Christie Anthoney, Creative Director at the Adelaide College of the Arts

Just last month, I welcomed hundreds of new students to their first day at the Adelaide College of the Arts. It was an experience I will not soon forget. The untapped potential of their ambition and the determination to channel their creative minds evoked an indescribable excitement - a feeling that, even at the Fringe, I hadn’t experienced with such intensity.

I started my job as Creative Director at the Adelaide College of the Arts, TAFE SA, coming fresh of a four-year gig as Director of the Adelaide Fringe. Having worked at the Fringe, I had become accustomed to the raw energy of artists creating new work. What fascinates me at the College is the unbridled energy of new artists embarking on a commitment to training in their art form.

It all unfolds behind the doors of one of the most iconic and mysterious buildings in Adelaide’s CBD. The Adelaide College of the Arts, in Light Square, is a purpose built, state of the art facility for specialist arts training. The College combines over 20 studios, 3 theaters and dozens of workshops and trains artists in every art form, except music. In fact, it is the only art college in Australia that offers training in all disciplines under one (very high) roof.

It is true to say that the Adelaide College of the Arts is a making place.  It has the best facilities in the country and delivers hands-on, studio based training. In other words, the courses are all about getting your hands dirty.

The training that happens day in day out at the College, makes a huge contribution to important role of creativity in our State.

This creative exploration is essential. Not just for the sanity of the creative minds, but for the survival of human kind. Creativity is the key to our existence. The need to explore is deeply embedded in our genetic material. Our scientific explorations are well recognised and accepted, but our creative explorations are at least of similar importance as they take our culture into new territory and enable us to connect more deeply with the world. If mankind would stop exploring, our existence would be in serious jeopardy.

It’s refreshing to know that a huge commitment has already been made to arts training in South Australia, through the building of this flagship institution.  As the Adelaide College of the Arts settles into its second decade, the stark newness is now considerably more ‘homely’ enabling the perfect environment for the physical and academic training of our future creative minds.

So as the first year students now roll up their sleeves and begin to realise their ambition, I congratulate them on a decision to commit to this State’s creative edge.

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