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Wear a piece of Adelaide at AC Arts this year's Fringe

Feb 06, 2013

Alice Potter, Over The Top Pig neckpiece

Twenty-six new and established designers will showcase jewellery as iconic as Adelaide in this year’s ‘Wear a Piece of Adelaide’ exhibition at TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts).

The handmade jewellery by well-respected and collectable jewellers and six AC Arts students forms a beautiful collection of Adelaide mementos, inspired by or made, using pieces of the city.

The materials selected are just as distinctive, ranging from silver and gold to glass and found objects, according to Exhibition Coordinator Naomi Schwartz.

“Chalk drawings at the Pageant, the ‘City of Churches’, Cooper’s ale, the Tour Down Under, a piece of jetty, a large fluorescent rhinoceros at the Art Gallery, and a stobie pole are just a few of Adelaide’s icons that have inspired our jewellers for the ‘Wear a Piece of Adelaide’ exhibition this year,” she said.

Amongst the exciting pieces by AC Arts students is Sue Garrard’s rhinoceros head trophy pendant, inspired by James Angus’ Rhinoceros that has graced the walls of the Art Gallery for almost 20 years.

In keeping with her philosophy of working with reclaimed and recycled materials, the chain is crafted from reclaimed metal from old silver-plated tableware and inspired by the colonial silverware collection within the Gallery.

Contemporary jeweller Alice Potter, who graduated from AC Arts in 2006 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design, will also be exhibiting her ‘Over The Top Pig’ necklace this year, inspired by Marguerite Derricourt’s bronze pigs in Rundle Mall.

“As a child I loved pigs as a cheery and intriguing animal, and seem to have an abundance of them in my plastic animal collection,” she said.

“I wanted to give them the homage and presence they deserved, as well as comment on how even if you don’t like something at first it grows on you and becomes a steadfast part of your [a city’s] personality.”


Alice Potter, Adelaide's Got Balls

Also inspired by Rundle Mall, Ms Potter’s jewellery for last year’s exhibition was the coyly entitled ‘Adelaide’s Got Balls’: beautiful neck pieces made of trails of fine chain decorated with colourful beads.

“It was such good fun to embody a piece of this great city into wearable art, as well as letting everyone know that Adelaide indeed has balls,” she said.

This year’s exhibition marks the second of the ‘Wear a Piece of Adelaide’ theme, and is already shaping up to be a success with the number of exhibitors doubling since last year.

The popular exhibition may yet become an ongoing event as Ms Schwartz hopes to make ‘Wear a Piece of Adelaide’ a regular stop-off point for Adelaide Fringe and Festival Theatre goers to purchase beautiful, contemporary, locally made jewellery.

“As a jeweller myself, it will be great to provide a different outlet for local jewellery designers and the chance for them to create a new and exciting collection made exclusively for ‘Wear a piece of Adelaide,’” she said.

 ‘Wear a Piece of Adelaide’is showing from 15 February to 16 March at TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts.