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Street art sees life from a new direction with AC Arts students

Nov 16, 2012

City-goers will be astounded by the latest high-contrast mural in Topham Mall, an anamorphic design that changes based on the angle from which it is viewed.

Four TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts) students and their lecturer are behind the design, a response to a call-out from the Adelaide City Council, which was seeking to transform what was once the city’s own graffiti “free wall,” between Waymouth and Currie Streets.

Internationally exhibiting artist and AC Arts lecturer Joe Felber designed the mural, developing it with help from Visual Arts students Jelena Vujnovic, Karl Brasse, Matthew Kohlmorgen and Jenni Mclaughlin on Sunday 4th November.

“This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the highly regarded artist and lecturer, Joe Felber and I am grateful to have been included in the project,” third year Visual Arts Student Jelena Vujnovic said.

“A large-scale task such as this is both challenging and delightful and will enable us as students to both showcase our accumulated knowledge and skills and contribute to the city in a positive way.”

The concept of the mural was developed from research into art and architecture by Joe Felber and is designed to consider the perspective view of the pathway on Topham Mall that can be seen by passengers while passing by.

While the strongest impact is made by looking into the cul-de-sac from the outside, the black and white design adds a deception of high contrast from different points of view.

“The impact and effect of the imagery changes as you are walking past the different sections,” Jelena said.

Those desperate to see the work will need to be quick, as the mural will be repainted in December as part of the City Council’s three-week turnaround.

Jelena isn’t concerned, however; she is glad to have been given the opportunity to work on the project, and is happy that there will be further opportunities for different people and ideas to be brought into the area.

“It was a very positive experience and I am proud of the result, but I look forward to seeing other ideas realised there in the future.”

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