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Poetry of a moment in AC Arts lecturer exhibition

Nov 12, 2012

TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts) graduate and lecturer Eleanor Zecchin will be exhibiting at Greenaway Art Gallery in Kent Town for the first time.

Her works aim to celebrate the “ridiculous and the delightful” and incorporate everyday objects which often float in negative space, creating almost surrealist scenes.

Eleanor graduated from AC Arts Visual Arts in 2008, and has since been lecturing in painting at the campus, where she is enjoying the community and dialogue that arises from working in a dynamic studio and multi-disciplined art space.

“Being able to give back to the arts industry and community through teaching has always been a keen interest of mine ever since before I started my degree,” Eleanor said.

“As my art practice has become part of my daily routine, almost as much as putting on a load of washing … the works are almost distillations of everyday moments and the thoughts connected with them.”

Her latest selection of paintings, to be shown at the Greenaway Gallery for the first time, represents a significant shift in her practice towards new methods of visually exploring daily life.

“These new paintings in the upcoming exhibition are some of the more intimate portraits of my arts practice and how it fits within the context of my everyday being an artist, mother, wife and teacher.”

Painting is a reflective experience for Eleanor; her works hold many stories of past moments and memories and provide an opportunity to embrace the natural chaos of everyday life and celebrate it in a deeper way.

“I am happy to explain most of the stories that go on within the new works, but I sometimes I leave some parts out, as I wouldn’t let everyone read my diary!

“That being said, I think good art resonates with people on levels which are personal to them; they read their own stories into the images, or that which they’ve known of and are able to create their own interpretation – which is fine with me.”

Eleanor is excited to be showing her latest exhibition, which will open on Wednesday 21st November from 6 – 8pm and will run until 16 December.

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