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AC Arts student wins printmaker award

Nov 09, 2012

TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts) student Jake Holmes has won the first biennial Independent Arts Foundation Franz Kempf Printmaker award of $4000.

An artist familiar with the local art scene, Jake has been exhibiting artworks in Adelaide for the past three years and in 2011 he and his partner Cassie Alvery opened Tooth and Nail Studio Gallery in Adelaide.

Jake will use the money from the award to travel to Darwin next year to gain expertise, knowledge and professional practice at Red Hands Prints in Darwin, a printmaking workshop which prints limited edition, fine-art prints.

“Going to Darwin and learning at Red Hand will be a great opportunity to gain some artistic and professional tips from those in the know, and learning from their experiences,” Jake says.

“After this I will return to Adelaide and apply my new knowledge to both my artistic practices and my professional printing endeavours.”

Jake was first inspired to become a printmaker while at an exhibition by Otto Dix at the National Gallery of Victoria.

“I was amazed and fascinated by the quality of the ink on paper and intrigued by the idea of multiples made by one’s own hands.

“As soon as I got back to Adelaide I swapped from Drawing into a Printmaking class and I’ve been in love ever since.”

Jake was honoured to win the award, which was founded and presented by internationally recognised Adelaide-based artist Franz Kempf AM.

“Franz Kempf is such a great artist and an icon in the Australian printmaking community and Adelaide art scene,” Jake says.

“Meeting Franz and shaking his hand after receiving the award was a great honour.”

The award was made possible through Carclew – South Australia’s only multiart form and cultural organisation dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under.

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