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All creatures great and small captured on canvas and in bronze

Mar 14, 2012

TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts visual arts students have found inspiration from the inhabitants of the Adelaide and Monarto Zoos in their exhibition Zoomorphic, which opens Thursday 22 March.

The impetus for Zoomorphic began with Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design student Chris Calver visiting the zoo to study the resident chameleon for a bronze sculpture he was creating.

After finding out about the Adelaide Zoos new gallery from veterinarian Dr Lynley Johnson, Mr Calver was keen to hold an exhibition to raise funds for the Zoo’s Animal Health Centre.

Inspired, Mr Calver recruited 15 visual arts students at AC Arts across different artistic disciplines - from painting, printmaking and photography to sculpture in bronze, mixed media drawing and jewellery design.

On Zoomorphic Mr Calver said: “The artworks are based on the residents of the Zoo and I think that having the subject matter relating so intimately to its environment will make for an interesting exhibition.”

Mr Calver who majors in sculpture loves studying at AC Arts as it is full of like-minded creative individuals and said: “The fact that the sculpture studio is equipped with a vast array of equipment and enthusiastic, knowledgeable lecturers who allow me to create anything I can imagine is really important to me.”

AC Arts Creative Director Christie Anthoney said:  “Motivated, talented students, led by Chris Calver have found inspiration in the animal kingdom and pulled together an awesome show.  We are grateful to the Zoo for their support. I have no doubt this exhibition will be a roaring success”.

Ms Anthoney will be speaking at the Zoomorphic opening night on Thursday 22 March, along with Chris West, Dr Lynley Johnson and Chris Calver.