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Lecturer’s copper sculpture installed at AC Arts

Aug 10, 2011

TAFE SA metal fabrication and welding lecturer and renowned Adelaide sculptor, Chris Ormerod, has had his copper sculpture, This Vital Arc, installed on lawns outside the Adelaide College of the Arts as part of this year's SALA Festival.

Chris’s sculpture is a tall, free-standing form connecting the land and the sky. The dynamic shape is reminiscent of lightning, of energy in a raw form, of an arc being freshly struck.

The sculpture stands 6 metres high, 2.4 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep and weighs approximately 200 kilograms.

Chris successfully combines his art practice with teaching metal fabrication and welding at TAFE SA. Chris relies on his metal working skills which he has developed over thirty years.

Chris was the metropolitan winner of the 2011 OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award, which provided copper and funding to complete his work.

Winning the OZ Minerals award, and having a year to develop the piece, has given Chris the ability to reflect on the metal that plays an important part in his art practice.

“Copper is always present when I work, the welding cables that carry the energy to my welding tongs, in the mig wire that I melt, everywhere there is copper. I am indebted to copper. This work is a homage to the metal that gives me The Vital Arc,” he said.

OZ Minerals Managing Director and CEO Terry Burgess said “This is a very striking piece of work – and a great example of how the arts and mining can work together. OZ Minerals is proud to be able support South Australian artists to work with copper.”